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Speed Painter / Event Entertainer / Keynote Speaker

Concerts, Award Shows, TV Shows, Corporate events, Headline Events, Festivals

Want to amaze your audience, or provide an unforgettable form of entertainment at your next corporate gala or special event, or are you simply looking for a creative way to entertain your audience? Look no further! D. Westry (Master Speed Painter) is your answer. D. Westry is undoubtedly the world's most exciting Speed painter (event entertainer) of our time. His spectacular shows are called "Amazing Speed Art" and "Lines of Creation." He creates larger than life size paintings in a matter of minutes to music before your very eyes.

D. Westry's innovative speed painting demonstrations are not only distinctive; but effective, inspirational, and entertaining. His shows also awaken the productive energy of any audience; by including them into the performance and challenging each and every person to discover their own creative potential. You will immediately feel the passion of every stroke he paints and every word he speaks! Anyone who witnesses a performance or hear inspirational speaking by D. Westry will be totally mesmerized. All will leave inspired and motivated to enhance their lives for the better. His performances and shows are guaranteed to offer a very unique experience you'll never forget.

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